What is Weekend In The Woods?
This is our big annual summer weekend for CG Leaders in the Poconos! It’s designed to be the best experience of your year - nature, rest, play, worship, food, community, equipping, and surprises.

When is it?
We will kick off Friday, June 21 and end Sunday, June 23. You can be back in time for evening services that Sunday if you’d like!

Who is it for?
If you are an existing community group leader, or a rising community group leader for the fall, this is for you. Eventually, this event will be for all of our church’s leaders, and in future years maybe even larger than that.

Why the Poconos?
The Poconos are a special place for our church. A number of the founding families of our community all have lodges in a shared neighborhood, which are surrounded by streams, ponds, waterfalls, nature trails, and more. We use the Poconos as a key space for leadership development and culture building for our community.

Are we staying indoors or outdoors?
There are a limited number of bedrooms available in the various lodges. We’ll make sure that the people who need them the most (like families) get them, and then first come first served after that. The primary vision for this event, long term, is a massive campground for the whole church. Basically think the opposite Fyre Festival.

Will camping be uncomfortable?
The temperature in the woods is usually quite a bit cooler than in the city. We’ll have showers and latrines and tons of water, as well as the lake and streams for swimming. We’ll do it together, and you’ll probably love it.

Do I have to bring camping gear?
If you have it, bring it! If you don’t have it, we’ll work to provide some for you. A tent and a sleeping bag will be most of what you need.

Can my spouse/kids come?
Yes! Family is welcome, please let us know as you register.

How do I get there?
The best way is by shared private car or rental car. We will organize private cars to utilize space as best we can. There is also a bus to Mount Pocono, which leaves from Port Authority, and is a short Uber drive away from the site.

What time does the program start?
Friday dinner is served at 6PM - it will be amazing.

What about people arriving late?
We’d love for you to arrive as close to 6PM on Friday, June 21 as possible, but understand that some schedules won’t allow for this. Please just join in whenever you arrive!

How much is Weekend In The Woods?
$100 per person or $200 per family. Let us know if this is going to be a problem; we don’t want the cost to prevent anyone from attending.

What about food?
All food and refreshments are included in the price of your ticket, please let us know of specific dietary requirements (email Ali at aagillum@gmail.com)

Will there be other snacks throughout?
Refreshments will be available throughout the day, but if you have your favorite specific snack, please do bring!

Can I bring alcohol?
We’ll provide drinks for the mealtimes, so don’t worry about bringing your own!

Is there anywhere to charge my phone?
Yes! We’ll make sure you have power available to plug in.

What else to bring?
A water bottle would be great! Other things: sleeping bag, sleeping mat, a flashlight, warm clothing and a blanket (we are in the woods, after all, and it can get a bit chilly in the evenings!) toiletries, medication if required, Bible, notepads,  sunglasses or hat, sunscreen, and most importantly, come expectant for what God is going to do!