We are a community of followers of Jesus. Our vision and our desire is to see “the fame and deeds of God renewed and known in our time” (Habakkuk 3:2). To that end, we live as those who pursue God’s presence in our midst, and practice the Way of Jesus in our time and place, to bring spiritual, social, and cultural renewal to the city.

PRESENCE - Seeking God’s presence and power through a culture of prayer.
Walking in the the way of Jesus as transformed disciples.
Living for the spiritual, social, and cultural renewal of the city.

We believe that integrating these three things - presence, formation, and mission - is at the heart of the ministry of Jesus, and is the unique calling of the church in our time and place in history. We wan’t the fullness of the Christian life.

For more on our vision, see our book, Kingdom Vision.


We believe that a community of people who live intentionally in the Way of Jesus will begin to change and grow in these ways:

GOSPEL - That you would understand the good news of what God has done in Jesus.
IDENTITY - That you will become whole and healed, and flourish in a secure, God-given identity.
COMMUNITY - That you will belong to and participate in radically loving, formative communities.
MISSION  -  That you will find purpose in joining God's restorative work in the world through your life.
POWER - That you will learn to rely on and experience the power of God's Spirit within you.

Whether you are a part of our community for a few weeks, a few months, or for the long haul, we hope this framework will guide you as you grow in deeper discipleship and spiritual maturity.  Everything we do is designed with this in mind.

For more on this, see our book, Kingdom Values.