We want you to serve in a way that brings you life.  We have a number of ministry teams that you can join.  These are communities you belong to, as you serve the church, serve the city, love one another, and grow in developing your ministry gifts.

This ministry helps us make sure everyone feels like they are home.  That they've found a family.  This is a robust meaning of the word "hospitality" - to extend a thoughtful and loving welcome to anyone who enters a gathering or a group.  Hospitality is a way of welcoming people through proactive service.  The hospitality ministry is under the leadership of Amber Yager in the new year.

1. Welcome Team
2. Set Up Team
3. Connections Team

For details, contact Amber Yager

This ministry is on the front lines of intercession - helping us continually call up on the Lord, proclaim his goodness and worthiness to the world, and invite him to do a new thing in our lives, in our community, and in our city.  Worship is the work, prayer is the work.  The Lord rewards those who seek them - we will be people who seek him.  This is at the very heart of what we do as a community.  The worship and prayer ministry is under the leadership of Isaac and Emily Gay.

1. Worship Team - Contact Isaac Gay
2. Prayer Team - Contact Ashley Hebert

Community is everything.  If we have the best Sunday experience, or the best teaching, but people aren't known by others, or they don't have a place where they can ask questions and work out their discipleship, then formation simply won't happen.  We're committed to making space for people to belong and be known.  We want to practice the Way of Jesus together.  We want to cultivate friendship and family that surprises the world.   This ministry is under the leadership of Tyler Prieb.

1. Alpha + Beta Team - Contact Heather Grizzle
2. Community Group Leaders - Contact Tyler Prieb

For more information on leading a community group, look here.

Sustainability in New York isn't easy, especially as you move into further seasons of building a family.  We want to be a community where families can thrive together, learn from one another, and support one another.  We want your marriages, children, and friendships to thrive.  If you're going through a tough time, we want to be the people that help you.  This ministry is under the leadership of Christy Tyson.

1. Women's Ministry Team (incl. Moms) - Contact Judy Mills
2. Youth Ministry Team - Contact Joey Yager
3. CityKids Ministry Team - Contact Kristina Torrejon
4. Care Ministry Team - Contact Ben Siekmeier

Renewal of the City.  What does this mean in practice?  How do we bring about the spiritual, social, and cultural renewal of the city?  The Christian life is missional at its very core, and we are a missional people - sent out, every day, to the normal places and spaces of our city, to bring the good news of the Kingdom in the simplest and smallest of ways.  New York City brings together the poorest of the poor and the cultural elite of the city into a single place, and City Renewal has to be broad enough to engage lovingly with both.  This ministry is under the leadership of Tyler Prieb.

1. Compassion and Justice Team - Contact Evan Ressegger
2. Cultural Engagement Team - Contact Tyler Prieb

The Gospel moves forward through stories - through the testimony of what God has done in your life.  We are a story-telling people, who are committed to using all of the creative gifts and resources available to us to share what God is doing in our time and in our place, to inspire and bring hope to others.  We're committed to creatively bringing those stories to life.  This ministry is under the leadership of Tyler Prieb.

1. Design Team
2. Media Production Team
3. Communications Team

For more details, contact Tyler Prieb