Each year, we raise a dedicated offering to fund our core ministry initiatives, beyond regular giving, to help us grow and move forward in our unique calling as a church. This year, we’re aiming to raise $300,000 toward the following goals:

Prayer Fund - $200,000

Our hope is to build a new long-term ministry for the city, which brings alignment to all of our passion for prayer and revival, and invites others to join us.  We want to invest in the expansion of the prayer room, as well as build our capacity for worship leaders, musicians, prayer trainings, and key equipping events for the whole city in the year ahead. We believe this is part of our unique calling.

Key Initiatives:
Prayer Room Team
Citywide Worship
Prayer Equipping + Guests
Prayer Course

Benevolence Fund - $50,000

We want to ensure that we have a deep well from which to care for one another in tangible, practical ways, under the clear leadership and guidance of our Care team.

Mission Fund - $50,000

We want to strengthen our ability to reach out - to make sure that everyone can experience the welcome and love of Jesus, and explore their faith in a compelling way through Alpha ($30,000). We also want to continue to do our part in supporting strategic initiatives in local and global ministry, including justice, compassion, and Bible translation ($20,000).

Key Initiatives:
Alpha Dinner Series Growth
City Renewal Partners
Global Justice Partners

Venue Fund - Open

As we grow, we have a vision to seek God for space - a place to strengthen and resource our community for the long term, so that we can build ministry without experiencing the unexpected vulnerabilities of the city.  This will be a designated fund, to be used in the future only in a time of venue transition or as seed funding if an opportunity for a more permanent venue becomes available.


2018 Budget Actuals (as of 12/16/18)

2018 Initial Budget: $1,392,692

YTD Expenses: $1,480,873
YTD Revenue: $1,766,598

YTD Surplus: $285,724
Total Cash On Hand: $570,366

2019 Budget Projections

2019 General Operating: $1,600,000
2019 Designated Funds: $300,000 (In Our Time Campaign)
2019 Total Budget: $1,900,000

Cost Breakdown:
Staff Salaries: 43%
FICA/Tax/Contractors: 24%
Ministry Operations: 11%
Venues: 10%
Central Services: 12%


For questions and details, email hello@churchofthecity.com