Want to Lead a Community Group?

Our community groups are where we practice the Way of Jesus together - in apartments, in parks, on the streets, and around tables, together.

Groups are where those in our church are known - it's where our people grow in Gospel, Identity, Community, Mission, and Power.

The people who steward and care for these groups can take on a number of different roles - host, facilitator, recruiter, care, and more - but the calling remains the same.  You're a frontline shepherd, walking alongside people for a season, learning and practicing the way together.

Leadership Application

If you'd like to lead a community group, we need you know a few quick things:

Commitment - We'd like you to be a leader for at least two consecutive ministry seasons, and longer if possible.
Consistency - We ask you to commit to being present at our training events and gathering nights as much as you're able.
Communication - We ask that you dialogue with us, whether it's updating your group page, or sharing stories of what's happening.
Character - We're inviting you to take seriously the call to hold yourself to a higher standard of spiritual leadership, and model discipleship to others.


2019 Season

Leadership Applications Due: Jan 4
Group Leader Kickoff Event: Jan 17
Groups Launch: Jan 20