Join our 2017 End of Year Giving Campaign



Each year, we make a focused effort to invite our community to end the calendar year by reflecting on what God has done in our midst, by imagining and responding to the future he has called us to, and by investing in our mission, and our shared future together.

In 2016, we raised our goal of $100,000 in our end-of-year campaign, which was designed to support our justice partners, to support church planting, and to advance our local mission in the city.  This year, by faith and with the growth of our community, we are inviting you to join us, as we aim to raise $150,000 this year.  This fund will go toward three things - justice, mission, and our future. 

Thanks to the generosity of this community, we have no current financial needs related to our general operating budget - everything we raise for our end-of-year campaign will go directly into extending the capacity of our future ministry.

The dates of the campaign will run from November 26 until January 31.

To give, simply do the following:

1. Follow the Link Below
2. Enter one-time gift amount
3. Select "NYC" and "Christmas Offering" fund designations

If you'd like to transfer stock or other securities, contact us for instructions on how to do that.  If you have any other questions you can email us for more information.



Becoming people equipped to live a compelling, credible faith in the city.



We want to join God in his mission of restoration in our city and world. We want to do that through serving the city we love, supporting church planters we believe in, creating spaces of hospitality and conversation for the lost, and advancing the work of discipleship around the world. 

Alpha Program - Alpha is the most essential evangelism initiative in our church.  It has multiplied this year, to two groups with 70 people attending this fall. We want to continue to expand and multiply in strength, to cover trainings, world class hospitality, weekends away, new groups, and more.

Missional Life Equipping - We want everyone to be equipped to close the gap between the Christian life they have, and the Christian life they imagine.  We're working on new workshops and courses to create a "radical minimum standard," to help people understand their calling, share their faith, steward their lives, and live on the redemptive edge of their industry and social world.

Church Planter Support Grants - Church planting is the best way for communities practicing the Way of Jesus to grow and expand, and want to support this work - especially for the church planters for whom it is most critical, in the cities and neighborhoods that are the most strategic.  We want to be a blessing for the growth of new churches.

International Church Partnerships - We are a church in the middle of one of the world's leading global cities.  We want to build the capacity to relate to and learn from other churches who are practicing the Way of Jesus in similar contexts.  We want to invest in content, training, and gatherings among this community of churches.



Committing to serve the vulnerable with compassion, at the edges of our world.



We care deeply about the work of Biblical justice in the world, as part of our essential calling as Christians.  We desire to partner with and support high-quality, trusted organizations with proven models of impact, and with whom we have strong relationships, who are working at the "redemptive edge."  Our justice initiatives and partnerships include a few things:

City Renewal Week - Our primary local justice initiative, City Renewal Week is our twice-annual campaign to mobilize our congregation to serve the city at the points of highest need.  This year, in our inaugural campaign, we mobilized over 65 people to serve in over 20 ministry opportunities with 5 organizations.  We hope to continue to grow this effort into an ongoing event and rhythm in the life of our church.  

In addition, this year, we have chosen to celebrate and support two key partnerships:

A House on Beekman (NYC) - A House on Beekman is committed to "Joining God in the Renewal of the South Bronx.  This is done by delivering a seamless series of programs, from birth to career, that empowers the next generation of the South Bronx to reach their full potential.  Learn more about their recent work here and here

If you'd like to get involved in volunteering with A House on Beekman, you can opt-in to those opportunities here.

Many Hopes (International) - Many Hopes, based on the coast of Kenya, rescues children from poverty and abuse and raises them with an imagination for justice - and the tools to act on it. They educate local children to solve the problems that charity alone cannot. The Many Hopes Justice Framework is a template for sustainable, replicable justice globally.  You can learn more about Many Hopes here - and find out about our church's December trip to Kenya here



Inviting more Disciples of Jesus for the Renewal of New York City



We aim to keep moving into more areas of ministry and service for our church, to move beyond Sunday gatherings into kingdom impact. 

Prayer Ministry - We have a beautiful prayer culture forming at our church, and we want to be able to continue and expand things like Break the Soil and Awake the Dawn - key spaces that are contending for revival in New York City.

Arts Collective - We want to cultivate an alternate imagination for renewal in our city and in our church, by gathering artists and creators monthly, through workshops, conversations, guest speakers, and more.

Faith and Work Equipping - We will begin facilitating broader conversations about the integration of faith, our vocation, and our jobs - through monthly industry meetups, guest lecture series, and conversational roundtables, to equip people with a vision for the kingdom wherever they spend their Mondays.

Youth Ministry - We launched a student ministry in 2017, and we want to continue to fan this into flame. New York City has a severe lack of discipleship opportunities for teenagers, and we aim to build this capacity now, in preparation for the current students we have coming up. We aim to expand our weekly meetings, youth workers, and retreats.

Deacons Fund - In addition, we aim to establish our first Deacons Fund, to demonstrate God’s love in tangibly, timely ways to those in our community who need it most, so that there may be "no needy person among us," as we say each week.