Church of the City is excited to announce that our College of Prayer will be launching this Fall! We will be offering three semesters of prayer discipleship curriculum focusing on individual, communal, and corporate prayer. 

The College of Prayer is dedicated to providing believers an opportunity to grow in relationship with God, confidence in prayer and cultivate a holy imagination for what God can do through the Body of Christ. Jesus’ disciples witnessed Jesus perform many signs and wonders and yet the thing they asked for instruction in was prayer. They said, “Lord, teach us to pray.” (Luke 11:2) We believe Jesus still wants to teach His church to pray. 

Our school is committed to providing scripturally based, theologically rooted, teaching, whether from our own church leaders along with material from other Mother & Fathers of the faith, combined with the power of the Holy Spirit to equip the body of Christ. 

What to expect:

Fall Semester:

  • Discover how Jesus taught His disciples to pray

  • Learn how to walk daily in the power of the Holy Spirit, and be fully empowered to pray effectively

  • Learn to receive the love of the Father and pray from a place of acceptance

  • Develop the spiritual reflexes to resist and overcome your two greatest enemies. (Or Learn how to resist and overcome spiritual warfare) 

  • Deepen and grow in your spiritual authority in Christ

  • Practice the art of forgiveness

  • Advance the kingdom of God in your spheres of influence

Mid-Winter Retreat: 

  • Discover what the fullness of God looks like in our families

  • Practice having Holy Spirit filled homes

  • How do we practically love our neighbor

  • The Power of Blessing

  • Learn how to build the Kingdom in your community

  • Discover the call of God on your community and family

  • What does it look like to live a missions oriented life

Spring Semester: 

  • Vision for the Church to be fully alive

  • Hunger for God

  • How do we create Upper Rooms

  • Ministering to the Lord

  • Learn how to have a Spirit filled Church

  • The Power of Fasting

  • Praying for the Nations

Summer Pilgramage (Optional):

  • We will be traveling to Herrnhut, Germany to visit the historic site of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that happened August 13th, 1727, known as “the Great Moravian Revival”

  • During our time there we will meet with local missionaries to join in prayer and have specific prayer workshops 

  • Connect & participate with the Jesus House, an established House of Prayer since 2005

  • Participate in a 24hr Prayer Watch

  • Visit the home of Count Zinzendorf, a Moravian Bishop who played a large role in starting the Protestant Missions Movement.

The application for this course is now closed.