We imagine and work towards renewal in the world - spiritual, social, and cultural - as part of our essential calling as Christians.  In New York City, we enact renewal through strategic partnership with high-quality, trusted organizations working around the city, working at the "redemptive edge" among the marginalized.



Our primary local justice initiative, City Renewal Week is our twice-annual campaign to mobilize our congregation to serve the city at the points of highest need.  This year, in our inaugural campaign, we mobilized over 65 people to serve in over 20 ministry opportunities with 5 organizations.  We hope to continue to grow this effort into an ongoing event and rhythm in the life of our church.  

If you'd like to serve with us around the city in an ongoing way, we invite you to join our email lists for updates and the latest volunteer opportunities here.  For questions or more information, email us.



Join us for our ongoing workshops on how to love the marginalized and vulnerable populations in our city with thoughtfulness, skill, and compassion.  We partner with local experts, nonprofits, and service providers to equip our community to understand and mobilize effectively for local impact.

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