Our primary local justice initiative, City Renewal Week is a week-long campaign to mobilize our congregation to serve the city at the points of highest need. Join us this week as we all commit to "renew the city" together.



Thursday, May 9

  • Prayer Room : City Renewal Week

Sunday, May 12

  • Kickoff Sunday

Tuesday, May 14

  • Father’s Heart Ministries

  • Covenant House

Thursday, May 16

  • Restore NYC - Workshop, “Making Freedom Real” - Register here.

  • Hope for New York - Spring Benefit - Register here.

Friday, May 17

  • All Church Team Night

Saturday, May 18

  • NYC Relief - Relief Bus

  • Prayer Walk

  • Emmaus House

Wednesday, May 22

  • Open Hands Legal Services - Spring Benefit - Register here.

  • Restore NYC - Workshop, “Making Freedom Real” - Register here.

Thursday, May 23

  • NYC Relief - Workshop, “Employment and Legal Services” - Register here.

Additional Opportunity - Revelation the Musical

Revelation the Musical (website) is donating 5$ off the ticketed price of admission to the charity of your choice! This is for any group ticket packages (10+ tickets).

Showing Dates:
May 9-11
May 16-18